Raw Wool Processing

This 3 hour workshop is ideal if you are s smallholder looking to add value to your own fleece, if you are a felter or hand spinner that has only ever used processed wool  fibres or you're simply curious how wool makes it from the sheep's back to a finished item.

You will be provided with your own full raw fleece and throughout the hands on session you will learn how to skirt, wash and process it.

There will be opportunity for you to use fleece preparation equipment such as the drum carder, wool combs and hand carders.

Much discussion will take place over hot drinks and home made cake and at the end of the session you will take home your own raw fleece to continue processing at home.

If you have fleece of your own you are welcome to bring it.

This workshop takes place largely outside so please come dressed for the weather and wear sturdy shoes with an enclosed toe. 

Covid guidelines will be followed and should another lockdown prevent the workshop from going ahead, a full refund will be made.

Raw Wool Preparation 10am - 1pm Sunday 25th July