Bringing Spring In

I spotted this bowl of potted Narcissi [below] in the supermarket recently and for £3 I couldn't resist. The plastic bowl the bulbs were in was functional but unattractive and I knew that I could do something to remedy that. As an extra bonus, the label had a British flag on it which meant that the bulbs were British grown.

I started by surrounding the bowl with a little hay stolen from my sheep. If you don't have hay to hand you could use fallen leaves, moss or even natural looking fabric such as hessian to disguise the plastic bowl.

Then I wrapped around the hay with Virginia Creeper vines, weaving the ends in and out to keep them secure. You could use any thin flexible stems that you can find.

Once the woven 'nest' was secure, I covered the soil with moss from the garden. If you don't have moss growing in your garden you can buy it from floristry suppliers. Never take moss from the wild - it is unlawful under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. I added in a few little houseleeks from the garden too (they grow like weeds here).

As a finishing touch I added a few small stems of willow and dogwood. These add height to the display whilst the bulb shoots are small, and will also help to support the blooms when they arrive. As an added bonus, the dog wood and willow will probably root meaning that I'll have new plants to put in the garden too!

So with a little time, and a few goodies from the garden, a boring bowl of bulbs is transformed into a naturalistic display to bring spring into the house.

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