Chicken Keeping Course

Keeping chickens in your garden is a wonderful way to add life and movement as well as providing you with wonderful fresh eggs. Here at The Little Lancashire Smallholding we've been keeping chickens for over 20 years so have gained quite a bit of experience looking after our feathered friends. We've kept rare breeds, hybrids, large fowl and bantams, rescue hens and those given to us by people who can no longer look after theirs. We've hatched chicks under broody hens and in the incubator, and even boarded hens whilst their owners were on holiday! Our number have varied over the years between half a dozen and fifty plus, but up to a dozen hens and the occasional cockerel is the norm here.

In past years our chicken keeping workshops were held here on the smallholding giving you hands on experience but until its safe to do that again, workshops will be held online.

Online Chicken Keeping Course - live via zoom - 2 hours.

Topics covered include:

Are chickens for everyone?

Different breeds and their characteristics


Equipment and sundries


Health and behaviour


Husbandry routines


Where and how to buy your first hens


There will be time for questions and you will also be sent full workshop notes by email immediately after the workshop. In addition, you have my support via email after the workshop, should you require it.



I'm not sponsored by poultry brands, nor do I sell chickens or related items,  so am able to give honest, unbiased opinion based on my experience.

Book your place here:

Wednesday  24th February 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 27th February 10am - 12noon

Wednesday 24th March 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 27th March 10am - 12noon

If you would prefer a one to one Zoom session, please get in touch for prices and availability.

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